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What are my chances of getting Australia PR if I score 85 points under state nomination 190?

Yes, applying under the state nominated visa subclass 190 is worth it, as you got 90 points, which is a very good score in order to receive a nomination. 190 visas is a point-tested visa that allows you to live anywhere in Australia, however, in order to avail this benefit, you need to live in the designated Australian state for a period of 2 years.
Moreover, there are certain other requirements that you need to meet in addition to having 90 points such as:
1. Your nominated occupation must be in the 190 visa occupation list
2. You must have a positive skills assessment for the nominated occupation
3. You must get a nomination from a state or territory
4. You must be less than 45 years
5. You must have competent level in English language
6. You must have a clean bill in health and a good character
So, apply now under the 190 visa as you have very good scores. Lodge your application now and get an invitation from the Australian state or territory and accomplish your Australia PR goals without any hassle. I hope this information might be helpful! Good luck!

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3 Factors that help to score Higher Points for Australian Skilled Migration

Jayati Gulati

A splendid and halcyon country with exceptional natural beauty, pleasant climate all year round, superb education system, Australia has welded its place as being one of the prime destinations for all the folks who are targeting to stay, work and study.

Not to mention, the wonderful and the famous scenic landscape such as the Opera House and the outback areas are now fetching the interest of the skilled migrants to contribute towards the country’s economic growth and prosperity.

Due to the booming economic sector, the number of industries has started expanding which in turn has opened the windows of opportunities for the skilled immigrants who are looking forward to applying under the skilled migration programs.

Australia facilitates immigration of professional experts through a point-based system that is used to assess the profile of the aspiring candidate. Well, it may sound confusing, but it is exciting! There is high demand for the skilled workers who are proficient in occupations such as Engineering, Teaching, Accountants, Biologists, computer programmers and many more. To fill the vacant positions or you can say to bridge the gap that exists in the labour market, Australia has opened numerous pathways.

GSM (General Skilled Migration) program is the best route if you want to turn the old page and enter the new phase of life. All the three visa categories under this program such as 189 visa, 190 visa and 491 visa works on the basis of the point system under which various factors are included, depending upon which you are given points.

To be eligible to apply under any of the above visas, scoring a minimum of 65 points is a must; however, it’s always better to aim for a higher one!

So, if you are planning to migrate to Australia, then knowing the 3 factors that help you score higher in the skilled migration is important, as higher the scores, higher the chances of getting an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

1. Age Factor
The age bracket you fall under plays an important role in deciding your points in the Australia Points calculator. The maximum number of points is for the people who are under the age bracket of 25-32. Congratulations, if you fall under this bracket, as you will get 30 points, which in itself is an excellent start! The minimum age to apply for a skilled migration program is 18 and 45 is the maximum age.

2. Language Proficiency
Language efficiency is another factor that can give you a higher score in the Points calculator. For this, you need to appear for an IELTS language proficiency test or PTE (Pearson Test of English). Your English language skills are rated on three scales that are superior, proficient and competent. Points are given in descending order. If you are superior in English language (having 8 bands in IELTS), then it is a great start. No points are allotted to the ones who are competent in English Language having 6 bands in all the four abilities such as reading, writing, listening and speaking.

3. Relevant Years of Work Experience
The work experience that you have plays a major role in deciding the number of points that you will get for skilled migration. If you are the one with up to 10 years of work experience, you will get a total of 15 points. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the experience must be in the nominated occupation that’s listed in the skilled occupation list of Australia.

Wrapping Up
The above-mentioned are the three factors that can help you score the highest points in the Australia Points Calculator, thereby making skilled immigration easy. So, keep in mind these 3 factors and follow a hassle-free process for skilled migration to successfully settle in Australia and start a new page of your life there. Good Luck!